According to Maharishi Arvind…………………………

“Teachers are a clever gardian of culture. They are use emotion, discipline and sacraments in children.
As a principal of Deva public school Usru – Amauna, Ayodhya, I started a work of diligence and devotion. I am receiving full and expected support from teaching and non-teaching staff from time to time. I have taken the formula of D3-Duty, Discipline and dignity in my life. Chairman’s guidance is providing to be panacea for me. School is progressively progressing. The number of students and the number of school staff has also increased year by year. The school interest is paramount for me. The progress of the school is my goal even under odd circumstances.
“Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes a person’s character, ability and future. If people remember me as a good (Principal) teacher then I would be the greatest honour for me…………… ”

Mrs.Namita Mishra
Deva Public School
mob.63931 65674.